Joe Pisano

Always ready to take the party to the next level!

Joseph Pisano, the youngest of our crew, manages to throw his passion through the roof as he fulfills his role as your DJ or Emcee. Starting from the young age of 14, Joseph’s dedication for business and music allowed his curious mind to take the next step into the entertainment industry. After years of admiration, specifically toward the PISP & Platinum Entertainment Family, the enthusiast learned the logistics of providing true entertainment and decided to put his skills to the test. Joseph and his business partner, Anthony Cardinale, along with Bryan Kuan (Event Producer/Designer) were the first to join in on the Partners in Sound Productions family by securing a franchise office in order to extend the party all the way to his hometown of New Jersey! Highly adept at both noticing and creating the the latest it trends, Joseph is always ready to jimp in to lend his modernized take on ramping up the entertainment for your event like no other.