Choosing the right music for your Wedding Ceremony

After all, you want to begin your marriage in the best setting. 
Whether your ceremony is taking place at your venue or on the beach,
the right music will help create your wedding’s atmosphere and style.
Select ceremony music that suits you and your style! 
Ask yourself, “Do I want my wedding to be formal and traditional or more casual and modern?” Before you start choosing specific wedding ceremony songs, think about both the type of ceremony you are hosting. Also think of the venue and where it will take place. If you are hosting a traditional ceremony in a house of worship, you may only be able to play certain songs or religious music. But if your wedding is held in another location, you have a lot more flexibility. 

Also, think about who will be performing your wedding ceremony music. Are you having live musicians or a DJ? Your music pros can be very helpful when it comes to selecting the specific songs during parts of the ceremony. To help make this process easier, think about other weddings you’ve attended where you’ve liked the music. Try asking the couple about where they found their song selections. We found a great place to listen to different ideas for ceremony music on Wedding Wire. From the prelude to the recessional, you’ll need the right music to make it your own.

Prelude Songs 

The prelude music will play while guests are entering and taking their seats. This music aims to welcome the guests to your wedding ceremony, and sets your personal tone for the rest of it. We recommend choosing tunes by your favorite artists and find acoustic or string versions. Groups like Vitamin String Quartet or The Piano Guys have covered these songs with a romantic and upbeat feel. We suggest a medley of these songs to last about 20 to 30 minutes as your guests arrive and settle in.

Wedding Party Processional Songs 

This is the music that is played while the wedding party walks down the aisle. Our suggestion is a song that has a rhythm that matches a natural walking pace. Two of our favorites: “Canon in D” by Piano Guys or “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Vitamin String Quartet.

Bride’s Processional Songs 

After the wedding party has taken their places, there is a brief pause before the bride’s entrance. Traditionally, all of the guests stand up and a new song is played. You can go in a variety of directions with the bridal processional, from something grand and traditional to a song that’s sweet and lively. We have recently played “Perfect” by Vitamin String Quartet (covering Ed Sheeran’s hit) or “A Thousand Years” by The Piano Guys (a beautiful rendition of Christina Perri’s song).

Interlude Songs

While you don’t have to have interlude music during your ceremony, it adds a unique touch to a Candle Lighting or Sand Ceremony. Interludes can also be a great way to include a friend or relative with musical talent who can perform during your ceremony.

Recessional Songs

You are married, and it’s time to kiss! The recessional song should be very upbeat and joyful to help lead into the celebration to follow. You can even be a little cheeky and humorous at this point. Some recessional songs we have suggested to our couples include: “Beautiful Day” by U2, “Story Of My Life” by Piano Guys (a cover of One Directions song) or “All You Need Is Love” by The Beatles.

Microphone For Your Officiant

Preparing your vows is a beautiful touch, but if your guests can’t hear them it puts a damper on the ceremony. It is important that there is a microphone present for your officiant as he or she performs your ceremony. It makes such a difference that your guests can hear all the beautiful words that make your ceremony personal and special.