How much should your wedding DJ cost?

Most of the couples that Dash Of Class Platinum Entertainment has entertained for over the years can’t tell us what they ate or drank at their Wedding. But one thing they can tell us for sure is many of the songs they danced to and what a great time they had overall. So here is our planning advice. Set an entertainment budget that meets your expectations. We pride ourselves on having a solid reputation backed by years of experience, referrals, and reviews to prove our value and consistency. Fill out the form below to receive customized pricing for your Wedding. Let us know as much information as possible, including your budget and the options you are considering. We want to give you the best possible price and not sacrifice the quality you deserve for your special day.

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Our friends at Wedding Wire have put together these tips to help you further understand how Wedding DJ pricing can vary. How much your Wedding DJ cost can vary greatly depending on many factors. These include your wedding’s location, the type of package you’re looking for, and your chosen DJ’s experience and level of expertise. Couples are spending more on their wedding DJ nowadays than in past years. They are devoting more of their wedding budget to their guests’ experience, focusing more on music and entertainment. If you’re feeling some sticker shock at wedding DJ pricing, remember there’s a lot more to a wedding DJ’s role on your wedding day. It’s not simply showing up to your reception and playing music.

Here’s a list of what a wedding DJ’s cost includes:

Not only does the cost of a wedding DJ include the hours he or she will be performing at your wedding, but it also includes the time it takes for your music pro to prepare for your big day. Before your wedding, your DJ will spend time creating your playlist and a unique timeline for your wedding. Also on your wedding day, your DJ will travel, set up, perform, and break down. Please note that if he or she has to travel a long distance to your wedding, you may incur an additional charge.

It’s true—your DJ actually has to buy his or her music, and you certainly want to make sure that he or she has lots of songs from which to choose!

The last thing you want on your wedding day is for your DJ’s equipment to break. So part of a DJ’s fee goes to purchasing and maintaining the most up-to-date equipment including (but not limited to) speakers, microphones, computers, and more.

Operational costs and insurance:
These include things like paying rent on an office, business licenses, and marketing costs. You’ll also want to make sure that your DJ is insured—this protects you, your DJ, and your venue in the unlikely event that equipment is damaged or someone is injured due to your DJ’s equipment.

How can you save money on wedding music?

If you’re on a tight budget, you’re probably looking for some ways to save money on your wedding music. Here are a few budget tips:

Pick the right date:
Some DJs offer discounts for weddings that take place during the off-season (November through February in most parts of the country) or on a day that isn’t Saturday.

What do you really need:
Most DJ’s offer many options, but do you need them? Think about the most important things first, then if your budget allows add those specialty extras.

Limit the hours:
The more time your DJ performs, the more you’ll pay. If there are ways to shorten the performance time, you can save some money on your wedding DJ cost.