Izzy Feliu

“Izzy has over has 20 years of wedding experience as Master Of Ceremony in both English & Spanish”

Izzy Feliu comes from a musical family as his father toured the world playing bass with some of the top Latin & Jazz bands. It was no surprise that as a child, the musical bug infected Izzy. Izzy’s musical journey began with DJing in some of NY & NJ’s top night clubs. While he was building his career in the TriState area, Izzy’s musical talents and his distinctive voice caught the eye of radio personality Hollywood Hamilton from 103.5 KTU. Through this relationship, they began to broadcast the national syndicated Rhythm Top 40 Countdown. Izzy could be heard every Saturday morning interviewing some of the top recording artist like: Pink, Tyrese, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, among many others. Working in the nightclub industry and NYC radio circuit gave Izzy the perfect platform for him to cross over into the Wedding Industry. Combining his love for music with his passion to make people feel good, Izzy began to perform and host some of the most exciting events. Izzy Feliu has over 20 years of wedding experience as Master Of Ceremony in both English & Spanish. He is also an accomplished DJ/VJ. His expertise has always been to “customize” each event using his experience in both the nightclub industry combined with his ability to connect with the crowd. Each event he hosts is sure to be a polished and classy event.