Peter Sciortino

"Being a professional, trusted, & experienced entertainer is something I take very seriously. I’ve always gone above & beyond for everyone of my clients; from my brides & grooms to my corporate clientele. I always ensure all the particular event details are brought to fruition."

As one of the most experienced members of Dash of Class Platinum family, DJing has been my passion since high school. Making people dance is something I’ve enjoyed & gotten a tremendous thrill off of for 25+ years. Entertaining at weddings is my passion along with also performing at engagement parties, corporate events, family events, etc. My exposure from performing at countless weddings has led me to be the “Family DJ” for many wonderful families over the years. Through my years of experience, I’ve mastered the craft of mixing & programming music while also accommodating my clients musical preferences. Reading the crowd in front of me has always been one of my strong points. Being a polished & professional MC/Event Host has led to many referrals for me directly from events I have performed at. I take pride in my technical skills & being well versed in audio, video & lighting production at the events I perform at. This has led me to lead, coordinate, & entertain at a high level for many corporate clients throughout the years. I’ve helped build Dash of Class Platinum name to be one of the most trusted & respected entertainment companies in the industry.