Some Costly Wedding expenses, budget accordingly

Some Unexpectedly Costly Wedding expenses, budget accordingly

As you plan your wedding you’ll quickly find that weddings are costly. There may be some wedding expenses that you would never expect to have such a big price tag. Below are a few wedding expenses that might surprise you on how much they will actually cost.

Custom wedding invitations can cost a pretty penny.

Invitations are the first impression your guests will have regarding your wedding. Things such as handmade elements or special details such as quality paper, thicker stock, letter-pressing, calligraphy, gold foil, or heavy customization. All of these can increase the price.

The wedding cake cost can be totally unexpected.

High-quality bakers justify charging anywhere from $10 to $20 per slice. That’s because they’re using better ingredients and creating a delicious work of art to wow your guests to your personal preference and wedding theme. The ingredient list for the cake can be costly depending on your palette. It takes much time into creating handmade sugar flowers & other decor. In addition to the actual cake part, the per-slice price covers artistic design and the structural elements. That requires skill to keep it looking beautiful & tasting delicious until it’s going to be served. Careful transportation means & delivery add to the cost too.

A high end wedding band or DJ that offer a multitude of different options & enhancements can be costly as well.

Wedding entertainers do more than just play music & make a couple of announcements. They create the overall vibe for your reception to your personal preferences. Entertainment has a direct impact on the success of your wedding. Cost factors for professional entertainers include proper insurance coverage for liability & property damage. Also transportation cost of gear to venue, proper attire, high end sound equipment, lighting effects, professional techs/roadies, etc. All of this is to make sure a band/DJ is worth the price they charge. See them in action! Check them out at a bridal showcase prior to booking them to make sure you have a connection with the entertainer(s). Ensure they will play the music you love as well as take care of any formalities you want & don’t want in a professional manor.

Booking a full service Wedding Planner can easily add to your wedding expenses.

But keep in mind number of hours a first-rate planner will give you. In essence that will save you over the course of the year leading up to the wedding. This may include possibly up to 16 hours on your wedding day. You’re paying to benefit from their experience, industry knowledge, and vendor relationships as well. Remember that the rate is also covering their assistants/staffing as well to help coordinate the multitude of events happening throughout the day. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what a planner can bring to the table for busy and career driven couples.

Custom preferred details such as chair covers, linens, dishes, custom chairs/tables, and lighting decor add up quickly.

If you are having your reception at a remote venue, add the cost of servers, delivery, setup, and cleanup besides the costs listed above. Plus, consider the cost of hiring skilled labor. There is a difference between someone just delivering items and someone setting up properly, running electrical wiring, programming, following a floor plan, etc. Someone putting something down versus someone styling & properly setting up are totally 2 different options.