Wedding Ceremony mistakes to avoid to achieve great pictures.

Here are some ideas and tips that will help those special moments at your ceremony with minimal interference.

-Keep the bridal suite or bedroom where you are getting ready free of clutter. Clutter can slip into the background of the perfect picture moment and make it unusable for albums or frames. Cleaning up once your photographer arrives can also cut into valuable shooting time. So make sure beds are made and clear backgrounds ahead of time.

-Have your officiant and entertainment announce to your guests to limit cell phone use during the ceremony. Also be conscious of not interfering with your professional photographers photo opportunities. During the ceremony your professional photographers are trying to capture your processional and recessional. Knowing about these Wedding Ceremony mistakes to avoid to achieve great pictures will really help. It is hard to get that perfect picture with having arms with cell phones reaching into the aisle. Unless it’s a close friend or family member, ask your officiant to step aside on your first kiss at the end of the ceremony. Doing this will ensure it’s just the happy couple in this special moment.

-At the reception, your guests sometimes are stepping right in front of your professional photographer. Trying to get that perfect picture on their cell phone of your grand entrance or first dance can block the opportunity for your professional photographer. So once again, a quick announcement of limited or discrete cell phone use will help your photographer capture those special moments at the ceremony and reception with minimal interference.