Wedding Reminders for Guests

A well-informed guest is a happy guest!  While guests don’t need to know all the details of your wedding, there are some details that they need to know. In addition to the basic when and where of the wedding, you’ll be glad you have wedding reminders for guests. Put them on your wedding website, on a wedding invitation insert, or even on the wedding invitation itself. There are certain details you’ll want to make sure to share with your guests before your big day.

Give some guidance on Dress Code

Your guests genuinely want to arrive in the appropriate attire. No one wants to be the one guest who is way overdressed or underdressed and feeling sloppy. Give your guests some direction so they can arrive feeling beautiful and confident.  From a black tie reception in a palatial ballroom to an outdoor country themed wedding on grass, you’ll want to give your guest clues on what to wear. Try to keep your theme/location descriptions simple & clear so there is no confusion.

Give Ladies a Heads-Up on What Shoes to Wear

If you’re getting married at a church and celebrating in a typical ballroom, you can skip this detail. But if guests especially ladies have to walk thru rocky paths, soft grass, or sand, be sure to mention it in advance. Think about whether your wedding could be uncomfortable (or even dangerous) for guests in stilettos. Give them the fashionable a heads-up. If you don’t want to reveal every detail of your wedding day, a quick note on your website or invitation is good. Saying something like, “we will be outside for a portion of the evening, so ladies, please opt for wedges or thick heels over stilettos” will get the point across.

Let Everyone Know the Wedding Hashtag

If you’re planning on having a wedding hashtag, let everyone know well beforehand. That way, everyone can use the hashtag during all the events leading up to the big day. From the engagement party to the bridal shower to the rehearsal dinner and ultimately at your wedding reception.

More Wedding Reminders for Guests

This is a detail that should be shared early on, especially if you’re anticipating a lot of out-of-town guests. Set up room blocks in a few local hotels. Consider offering a couple of different hotels at different price points. Room blocks are great, because not only do they keep your guests together, they also often come with a discount. You can include hotel room block information on your wedding website or a wedding invitation insert.

Provide Information on All Transportation & Locations

Whether it’s directions to the venue and parking information, or the specifics about the shuttles you’ll be providing, let guests know about transportation in advance. That way they don’t make any unnecessary plans. If guests are staying in your hotel block, let them know when shuttles will be leaving, or if they should drive or call an Uber. If they’re staying elsewhere, let them know if they can park at the hotel and hop on the shuttle, or other ways to get to the venue. Put this information on your website when you send out save the dates, so guests can keep it in mind as they make travel plans. You could also include an insert in your invitation.

Give guests info on Other Wedding-Related Events

Are you inviting everyone to welcome drinks the night before, or a brunch the morning after? Let your guests know in advance so they can plan their travel times. Additional activities and events can impact how much time guests will want to request off from work. Also what time they book their flights for, and things like securing early check-in or late check-out at the hotel they will be staying at.