How to Get Your Guests To Use Your #Hashtag

Here are some great ways on how to get your guests to use your #hashtag from our friends at Couples spend a lot of time and creativity coming up with a unique & perfect wedding hashtag. This is so they can easily see all of their guests’ photos in one place. Hashtags should be created & used from the get go. Use it at all events leading up to the wedding such as engagement dinner/party, bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, etc.

Get your bridal party to spread the word.

When your bridesmaids post sneak-peeks of them trying on their gowns, bridal shower, bachelorette party etc, ask them to add your hashtag to their captions. Guests are likely connected to your wedding party as well. This will help to begin laying the groundwork for getting the hashtag out to other guests. Start using your hashtag before your wedding day by including it on your save the date, website, invitation, and welcome bag. Guests are more likely to remember and use your hashtag after the repeated exposure.

How to Get Your Guests To Use Your #Hashtag, make it easy!

Choose a hashtag that’s easy to remember to increase the chances of your guests actually using it. Rhymes, play on words on first/last names, and puns are all ingredients for an awesome and memorable hashtag. Include your hashtag throughout your reception on small frames on bars, on menus, on seating charts. You can also include it on video screens if you incorporate video production into your reception. Here’s another way on how to get your guests to use your #hashtag. Have your DJ or band leader announce it right before introductions and throughout your reception as well.