Week of the Wedding “To Do” Checklist

With only a few days left before the wedding reception, it’s  totally understandable that a few things on your growing Week of the Wedding “To Do” Checklist might slip your mind.  You should use the whole bridal entourage (including the future spouse) for help on the to do list. Keep track of your master checklist, but delegate tasks as needed. You will need all the support you can get. It’s best to get all of your to do’s in order sooner than later, so you can kick up your feet up and enjoy every second of your wedding reception. Below is a checklist to help with wedding week to do’s.

Wedding Dress, Shoe and Jewelry “To Do’s”

Try on your full wedding dress, including shoes and jewelry. Practice walking down the aisle and make sure everything looks and feels comfortable. Try going to the bathroom in your dress as well so there are no surprises.

Go to your jeweler to get your engagement ring professionally clean so it’s extra sparkly on your wedding day especially for pictures.

Break in your wedding shoes. Wear them for a short period of time each day around the house and walk around on a few different surfaces.

Things to get ready for your Wedding vendors.

Shoot all your vendors an email or give them a quick call on the Monday before the event. Be sure to confirm arrival times. This includes your hair and makeup team!

Send off your pictures to take list to your photographer and designate a responsible family member or member of the wedding party to regularly check in with the photographer on the wedding day to ensure they are all your key pictures are being taken.

Get any checks or final payments ready for vendors. Check your contracts for payment deadlines.


Other Week of the Wedding “To Do” Checklist Items

Be sure to give your email a last minute read through and answer any emails that are filled with pressing wedding questions a few days before you get to your wedding day.

Reach out to the last-minute stragglers who haven’t RSVP’d yet to see whether or not they’re coming to your wedding. It’s better to know the final count sooner than later for seating arrangements, final venue bill, or for those guests who might show up and have nowhere to sit.

Sit down with your spouse-to-be and finalize the seating arrangements. Be sure to send a copy to those who need it, like the wedding planner, photographer and designated bridesmaid.

Make sure your marriage license is in order and assign someone to keep track of it on your wedding day to ensure it’s signed correctly and doesn’t get lost in the mix.

Take care of any work to do assignments so that you don’t have a Week of the Wedding “To Do” Checklist work tasks floating around in your head. Work should be the last thing you want to think about heading into your wedding weekend.