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How to Host Your Wedding at Your Home

There are many ideas on how to host your wedding at your home. A sense of familiarity, undeniable charm, and personal sentiments make for a day that’s original. Invite your guests into a space that holds some of your most cherished memories as a child, an adult, or both. Nothing says love like a wedding with a home […]

Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas to help fit your personal style.

Decorating your reception tables with the right centerpiece can be a time-consuming process.  From floral arrangements to LED lit vases, there is a multitude of different options and choices that can become overwhelming. Our friends at Brides.com found some different Wedding Table Centerpiece Ideas that are worth checking out. Traditional floral These have been the most […]


Couples are always looking for ideas for wedding reception decor and accents. They can incorporate many unique options to transform their wedding reception ballroom to their personal preferences.  From lighting décor, to draping, to a custom sweetheart table, etc…, you can customize the mood & atmosphere you envision for your wedding reception. LED/Ambient Up Lighting […]