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Some Wedding Ceremony Etiquette Tips

We found Some Wedding Ceremony Etiquette Tips from our friends at Brides.com that seemed very helpful. These tips will take the stress out of your ceremony, take a look. Taking A Break Taking a pre-reception break between the wedding ceremony and reception is a good idea so you can take your formal pictures and still […]


As the wedding approaches, couples frequently ask “I need help with selecting key song choices for my wedding reception”. These special moments and formalities need to have the right music choice for sure.  This is an opportunity for couples to personalize their reception with their favorite artists, songs, genres, etc. A professional DJ will have an […]

Choosing the right music for your Wedding Ceremony

After all, you want to begin your marriage in the best setting. 
Whether your ceremony is taking place at your venue or on the beach,
the right music will help create your wedding’s atmosphere and style. Select ceremony music that suits you and your style! 
Ask yourself, “Do I want my wedding to be formal and traditional […]