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Small Wedding Ideas for an Intimate Affair

Have a smaller percentage of your guest list, but keep the whole the celebration. Have you been overwhelmed by the thought of gathering 200 plus of your “closest” family & friends together for your wedding day? You can have a reception with just your closest family & friends. But still with all of the things […]

How to Host Your Wedding at Your Home

There are many ideas on how to host your wedding at your home. A sense of familiarity, undeniable charm, and personal sentiments make for a day that’s original. Invite your guests into a space that holds some of your most cherished memories as a child, an adult, or both. Nothing says love like a wedding with a home […]


Contrary to some misconceptions, there are advantages to having a winter wedding. Summer weddings can be amazing but there are some downsides to consider.  An extremely hot day could make a hot mess of a bride’s beautifully done hairstyle and makeup. With hectic summer schedules and vacations a good portion of your guests might have to […]

What your bridesmaids should & should not pay for?

Being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility and could be very costly proposition. Weddings in this day and age involve so much more than just the reception. There are several events and expenses for your bridal party to incur leading up to the big day. Are you thinking what your bridesmaids should & should not […]

Trimming your Wedding Guest List with Minimal Drama

Couples are usually trying their best to stay on budget when planning their wedding. One way is to limit the guest list. But how can you do it? We found these helpful tips at Brides.com. Trimming your Wedding Guest List with Minimal Drama ⁃ Your wedding is a celebration of close family and friends. Try […]

Sequence of events to plan your wedding.

Once the initial excitement of getting engaged wears off, the planning starts. With an average 16 month engagement in the US, there are certain key preliminary decisions to make that will get you started with the sequence of events to plan your wedding. Selecting key vendors such as your venue, entertainment, photographer/videographer, flowers, wedding dress, […]


With so many decisions, big and small, creating a personal budget, coming up with well thought out timeline, and being focused on detail are key. This will likely be your first time organizing such a large-size event, so Wedding planning before booking vendors would be a huge help. Any bride-to-be who has spent even just […]