What your bridesmaids should & should not pay for?

Being a bridesmaid is a big responsibility and could be very costly proposition. Weddings in this day and age involve so much more than just the reception. There are several events and expenses for your bridal party to incur leading up to the big day. Are you thinking what your bridesmaids should & should not pay for? Below is a guide we found on Brides.com for who pays for what on events leading up to the big day as well as expenses for the big day.

Bridesmaid Dress

⁃  This is usually covered by the bridesmaid. If the bride requests a general type shoe or accessory to go along with the dress, it is paid for by the bridesmaid as well. If the bride wants the bridesmaids to wear specific shoes and accessories to go along with the dress, then the bride should pay for them.

The Bridal Shower

⁃ If the bridesmaids are hosting the bridal shower then they should all share in the expense of paying for it. If a family member, like a grandmother or aunt, offer to host a party then they will pay for it but the bridesmaids should also contribute to help cover the cost. Bridesmaids should also help with setup, breakdown, or any necessary cooking. Bridesmaids are expected to bring gifts to the bridal shower as well, either individually or as a group.

The Bachelorette Party

⁃ For a single night event, the bridesmaids are all expected to split any expenses incurred for food, drink, entertainment, and transportation for the bride. This would include champagne and sage for the bride as well. If going away for a weekend everyone, including the bride, should pay for their travel and accommodations. The bridal party should split the expense of any favors, T-shirts, games, or other gifts for the attendees and treat the bride. The weekend activities should be split by all including the bride except for the “big night out” or highlight night of the weekend where the bride will be treated as above.

Hair and Make Up

⁃ If the bride requires everyone to have it done by the same salon or same artists, then she should pay for it including the tip. If hair and make up is at the discretion of the bridesmaid to do it themselves or use their own artists, then it’s at their own expense.

Travel and Hotel Accommodations

⁃ The bridesmaids are expected to cover their own costs to the reception for a destination wedding. Brides will usually book a block of rooms at a cheaper rate for accommodations. This makes it more cost effective for the bridesmaids. Brides will also research and shop for travel options to help find less expensive options for the bridesmaids.

⁃ With all of what your bridesmaids should & should not pay for they are expected to give a wedding gift on the wedding day.