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Ways to Ensure Your Wedding Guests Have an Awesome Time

A stunning venue and gorgeous centerpieces are some of the first things that come to mind when thinking of a beautiful wedding. But the picture-perfect décor doesn’t ensure an epic party on its own. Try the following simple but effective tips on ways to ensure your wedding guests have an awesome time. These tips will […]


Contrary to some misconceptions, there are advantages to having a winter wedding. Summer weddings can be amazing but there are some downsides to consider.  An extremely hot day could make a hot mess of a bride’s beautifully done hairstyle and makeup. With hectic summer schedules and vacations a good portion of your guests might have to […]

Time Management Tips for your Wedding Day

After months of investing much time and money into your wedding day & reception, you want to be sure you will enjoy it and take it all in! If you have your ceremony on premises and a possible viennese hour, the 4 to 7 hours can really fly by. Even though the average reception is […]

Wedding Ceremony mistakes to avoid to achieve great pictures.

Here are some ideas and tips that will help those special moments at your ceremony with minimal interference. -Keep the bridal suite or bedroom where you are getting ready free of clutter. Clutter can slip into the background of the perfect picture moment and make it unusable for albums or frames. Cleaning up once your […]


With so many decisions, big and small, creating a personal budget, coming up with well thought out timeline, and being focused on detail are key. This will likely be your first time organizing such a large-size event, so Wedding planning before booking vendors would be a huge help. Any bride-to-be who has spent even just […]


As the wedding approaches, couples frequently ask “I need help with selecting key song choices for my wedding reception”. These special moments and formalities need to have the right music choice for sure.  This is an opportunity for couples to personalize their reception with their favorite artists, songs, genres, etc. A professional DJ will have an […]


Couples are always looking for ideas for wedding reception decor and accents. They can incorporate many unique options to transform their wedding reception ballroom to their personal preferences.  From lighting décor, to draping, to a custom sweetheart table, etc…, you can customize the mood & atmosphere you envision for your wedding reception. LED/Ambient Up Lighting […]

Video Montage for my Wedding

Couples sometimes ask “Can a Video Montage for my Wedding Reception make it memorable?” By telling your story, sharing snap shots of the reception you can get your guests involved. Also incorporating high energy ambient visuals during dance sets will create energy. All of these ideas will add a special touch and moment to your […]

Live Musicians will add a classy note and energy alongside your DJ.

Live Musicians Whether it be for your on-site ceremony, cocktail hour, or reception Live Musicians can add a touch of elegance. They also add a high energy live feel during dance sets as they play along side your DJ. Some couples ask the question “What type of entertainment should we have for the wedding DJ […]