Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Parents

Parents usually play a major part in the lives of brides & grooms. They’ve been with you through all the major milestones in your life. From high school & college graduations, birthdays, major life events, etc. It only feels right to thank them for helping couples get to this major milestone: their wedding day. Take this opportunity to remind them that they, no matter what, they will always be important to part of your life. Here are some suggestions for Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Parents from

Special Message

  • On your wedding day you’ll be showered with gifts and special gestures all day.  Take this opportunity to give back to those closest to you. An embroidered handkerchief with a special message is a touching and useful gift. A special piece of jewelry, such as an engraved necklace, watch, or cufflinks is touching as well.

Meaningful Token

  • Incorporate part of your mother’s gown, veil, or jewelry into your bouquet handle or gown. Attach or wear a meaningful token such as miniature-sized version of their wedding photo.

Mini Display

  • If you don’t like the idea of cutting up your mother’s wedding gown, then you can put it on display. Create a mini display by showcasing your mother’s gown, grandmother’s gown, or any other special ladies’ dresses. This is a great way to decorate the walk up to the ceremony area.

Great Picture

  • Parents love a great picture with their child your wedding is a great opportunity. When compiling your picture list for your photographer, ask them to take pictures with them to pay respect to Mom and Dad. Some ideas are a picture of you holding your parents’ wedding photos. Another would be a “first look” with Dad and a “last hug” with Mom before you tie the knot.

Special Song

  • If you don’t have a song that’s special to the two of you, pay tribute to your parents by using their wedding song for your first dance. If you prefer to use another song, you could always play their wedding song later in the evening and dedicate it to them. Either way, it will be such a special tribute to them.

Something Borrowed

  • If you’re having trouble selecting a cake topper, re-use the one from your parents’ wedding. It’s a great way to add a little something borrowed to your dessert tables. 


All of the above are touching and thoughtful ways to thank your parents that they’ll most probably love.  But don’t forget that a simple handwritten thank-you note goes a long way and will always hold a special place in their hearts.