Unexpected Relationship Benefits of Social Distancing

The coronavirus pandemic has all of us maintaining social distances, which has lead to spending the majority of our time stuck at home with maybe a walk outside or a trip to the grocery store. For couples living or isolating together, this means weeks of one-on-one time. It might seem like a stressful situation since couples can usually take time away from the each other. Usually to go out with friends or have some true alone time. Therapists say that there’s some positives in this situation for couples. Couples seem to be speaking more, sharing feelings and discussing the pandemic versus not talking about it. If you’re cooped up with your partner during this surreal time, in a house in the suburb or a studio apartment in the middle of a city, here are some unexpected relationship benefits of social distancing.

You rely on each other more than ever

Right now, you’re depending on your partner more than ever in your entire relationship. With little outside socialization, let alone communication, and an inability to get some separation when tensions rise, your partner is the one you’re going to turn to for emotional support.  Looking to one another to fulfill needs typically filled by a variety of people boosts a couple’s emotional bond and builds trust.

During these times  brides.com says it’s important to remember that we all deal with stress differently. Watching the news might give some people some sense of relief because you know what’s going on with the current situation, but this may work in the opposite way & be stressful  for your partner. Acknowledge your differences and find ways of compromising so that you’re both actively working to meet each other’s emotional needs right now.

You’re more likely to be honest with each other

When you’re together 24/7, you may not be able to hide from parts of your relationship that are strained. Or that don’t work any longer. Some of that may be positive and some of it may be a little painful. In close quarters and with little time away from each other, quirks and challenging personality traits can surface. Talk to each other in terms of needs and wants instead of blame. Instead of going on the offensive, look for solutions rather than focusing on what isn’t working.

It increases your level of appreciation for your partner

When you’re forced to live in a type of survival mode, you’re less likely to focus on the little ways your partner might get on your nerves. Instead, it encourages you to look at the things you really love about them. You may see your partner doing things they normally don’t have time to do and you may feel a deeper appreciation for their strengths and the positives he/she brings to your life. This deepening of appreciation for your partner may be beautiful result of shelter-in-place.

What makes you a united team

Couples are forced to work together to accomplish what they need on a day-to-day basis under isolation. Whether its buying groceries, seeking out fun things to do to entertain themselves, or doing some spring cleaning. Couples are getting to do some housework that hasn’t been done because of lack of time. Things like organizing closets or garages, painting rooms or gardening. Additionally, couples with kids are having to work together to manage their professional workloads. At the same time creating schedules for their kids and dividing the care of the kids. This is another unexpected relationship benefits of social distancing. It has created a new sense of teamwork and relief from stress because you have someone else to lean on.

You have more time and energy to re-engage sexually

Typically in times of stress, many couples are less intimate physically than they would be in normal circumstances. When couples are stuck in their home together with little distraction and without access to the outside world, the timing will just feel right. This may also be the time to try new things. If you’ve always wanted to try a new position or technique and you have the house to yourself, experiment at different times. It’s also important to give each other space to seek self-pleasure without shame or embarrassment. Find ways to use this spark to a sexual desire between the both of you.

It encourages you to take your partnership to the next level

If you had been dating for a while before being isolated and were on the fence about whether to move in together or pop the question, spending this much time together in an atmosphere of reliance might make you decide to take the next step. It may allow you to see your partner in a different light. One that was hard to imagine before you found yourselves in these circumstances.