Unique and Special Unity Ceremony Ideas

Looking for ways to make your Ceremony your own? Unique and Special Unity Ceremony Ideas represent the ritual of two becoming one. There are traditional ways to add these ceremonies. These touches will make your special moment even more heartfelt. Here are some common and not so common ideas from BRIDES.com.

-Lighting a Unity Candle

Unity Candle

This usually involves the couple lighting one large candle from two smaller family candles. Usually lit by each of their moms, this represents the coming together of two families.

-Pouring of Sand

Sand Poring

The couple takes turns pouring colored sand from smaller vases into another larger vase. When this is done they blend their sand together to make a pretty colorful display. This is a great unity-ceremony ideas for blended families. The couples children can also add sand to the family vase to show the coming together of 2 families.

-Handfasting Ceremony

-In Handfasting the bride’s and groom’s right hands are bound together during a portion of the wedding ceremony. Thus symbolizing their commitment to each other.

-A Lasso Ceremony

This ceremony usually takes place after the vows have been said. The officiant or designated person or persons drape a floral garland or rosary around the couple, twisting it into an infinity symbol. At the end of the ceremony the lasso is removed and the couple saves it as a symbol of their love and unity.

-Releasing a Wish Lantern

Wish Lantern

This ceremony is very moving. The couple releases a paper lantern into the air, allowing their love to pass into the universe as one.

-An Anniversary Capsule

Before the ceremony, gather up important mementos from your relationship: ticket stubs, hotel room keys, cards, etc. Some couples also write a love letter to each other. This ceremony is a reminder of the durability of the love and the lifetime commitment of marriage. During the ceremony, all these items of love are sealed in a box, and then you can open it on your 5-, 10-, or 20-year anniversary.

-Circling Ceremony

-In a Circling Ceremony, a Jewish wedding tradition, each partner takes turns circling around the other. This is typically seven times each. This symbolizes the creation of a new family and the circle of protection and love each is placing around the other.

Adding one of these Unique and Special Unity Ceremony Ideas will make your ceremony more personal. With that not only do you create a memorable moment for your yourselves but a special moment you guests will take with them.