Ready for some trendy lounge decor ideas for your reception!  Your guests will be in AWE as they enter your ballroom! Our friends at Aviance Lounge Decor have some great tips on room transformations that will say WOW!

Unique Seating Ideas

-Incorporate different colored & styles of lounge couches & seating. This will create a more casual/clubby feel around the dance floor area

-Custom chairs for the bride & groom can range from a regal look with king & queen high back regal chairs to a tufted love seat sofa.

-Up lit custom high tables around the dance floor will give your guests a place to gather, socialize, & place their drinks. They will also serve well to keep them in proximity to the dance floor area allowing for a higher energy dance floor.

-Adding black acrylic top tables with mirror bases can add a trendy sexy look to any ballroom. Add different size table top sizes to accommodate different groups of guests. Add black or silver custom chairs to compliment this look.

-Incorporate communal tables with black or white acrylic tops and led bases with ghost bar stools to give a trendy casual vibe in the ballroom. This also allows seating for large groups of related guests.

Backdrops that POP

-Up lit custom built hedge walls can serve as a backdrop for the couple.  Another use would be a backdrop prop for photo opportunities throughout the ballroom. You can also use these as dividers to section off or trim the ballroom size.

Awesome Draping and Accents

-Decorate your reception hall with drapery or sheer curtains to your color theme with the option of uplighting them for a warm glow & ambiance around your ballroom.

-Fairy lighting draping to different colors ca serve as a backdrop for the bride & groom. Connect sections of these beautiful fairy light drapes around the ballroom to give your ballroom a whimsical atmosphere.

-Add Black, White, Starlit, or LED dance floors to accent any ballroom. Or try incorporating seamlessly vinyl wrapped dance floor with a centered monogram for a more sophisticated look.

These trendy lounge decor ideas have been proven to give the WOW factor many couples have been looking to add to their receptions. With so many options and ideas, you are bound to come up with something that will be perfect for you. Have questions on what will be best for you click here.