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Ways to Honor Your Dad at Your Wedding

Your wedding day is a great opportunity to give recognition to those who gave you unconditional love and support along your journey, from your first steps as a toddler to your ceremony. On the day you say “I do,” consider these ways to honor your dad at your Wedding. These tips from our friends at […]

Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Parents

Parents usually play a major part in the lives of brides & grooms. They’ve been with you through all the major milestones in your life. From high school & college graduations, birthdays, major life events, etc. It only feels right to thank them for helping couples get to this major milestone: their wedding day. Take […]

Some Wedding Ceremony Etiquette Tips

We found Some Wedding Ceremony Etiquette Tips from our friends at Brides.com that seemed very helpful. These tips will take the stress out of your ceremony, take a look. Taking A Break Taking a pre-reception break between the wedding ceremony and reception is a good idea so you can take your formal pictures and still […]

Writing Your Special Wedding Vows

Tips on Writing Your Special Wedding Vows Exchanging vows during your wedding ceremony is one of the most intimate and nerve racking moments of your life. Standing in front of the person you love & making that life long commitment in front of all your guests can be overwhelming. Here are some tips on writing […]

Wedding Ceremony mistakes to avoid to achieve great pictures.

Here are some ideas and tips that will help those special moments at your ceremony with minimal interference. -Keep the bridal suite or bedroom where you are getting ready free of clutter. Clutter can slip into the background of the perfect picture moment and make it unusable for albums or frames. Cleaning up once your […]

Choosing the right music for your Wedding Ceremony

After all, you want to begin your marriage in the best setting. 
Whether your ceremony is taking place at your venue or on the beach,
the right music will help create your wedding’s atmosphere and style. Select ceremony music that suits you and your style! 
Ask yourself, “Do I want my wedding to be formal and traditional […]