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Wedding Planning Websites and Apps

If you’re just starting your wedding planning or just checking off some of the last things on your wedding checklist, here are some helpful Wedding Planning Websites and Apps to use as you plan your wedding while still maintaining your sanity. Latest trends and etiquettes will keep you up to date with the latest […]

Wedding Dress Alteration Tips

When it comes to your wedding dress you can splurge on an expensive dress, but if it’s not properly altered it won’t look any better than a gown that’s significantly less money. Here are some Wedding dress alteration tips to remember from our friends at Buying your dress early Take the stress out of […]

Tips to Enjoy Your Wedding Day

You spend a lot of time planning your wedding day. So it’s only fitting that you want to actually enjoy it especially all the little moments. But stress and worry can take over and keep you from enjoying the all the time and hard work you put in. Our friends at came up with […]

How to Get Your Guests To Use Your #Hashtag

Here are some great ways on how to get your guests to use your #hashtag from our friends at Couples spend a lot of time and creativity coming up with a unique & perfect wedding hashtag. This is so they can easily see all of their guests’ photos in one place. Hashtags should be […]

Week of the Wedding “To Do” Checklist

With only a few days left before the wedding reception, it’s  totally understandable that a few things on your growing Week of the Wedding “To Do” Checklist might slip your mind.  You should use the whole bridal entourage (including the future spouse) for help on the to do list. Keep track of your master checklist, but delegate […]

Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Parents

Parents usually play a major part in the lives of brides & grooms. They’ve been with you through all the major milestones in your life. From high school & college graduations, birthdays, major life events, etc. It only feels right to thank them for helping couples get to this major milestone: their wedding day. Take […]

Some Wedding Ceremony Etiquette Tips

We found Some Wedding Ceremony Etiquette Tips from our friends at that seemed very helpful. These tips will take the stress out of your ceremony, take a look. Taking A Break Taking a pre-reception break between the wedding ceremony and reception is a good idea so you can take your formal pictures and still […]

Some Costly Wedding expenses, budget accordingly

Some Unexpectedly Costly Wedding expenses, budget accordingly As you plan your wedding you’ll quickly find that weddings are costly. There may be some wedding expenses that you would never expect to have such a big price tag. Below are a few wedding expenses that might surprise you on how much they will actually cost. Custom […]

Writing Your Special Wedding Vows

Tips on Writing Your Special Wedding Vows Exchanging vows during your wedding ceremony is one of the most intimate and nerve racking moments of your life. Standing in front of the person you love & making that life long commitment in front of all your guests can be overwhelming. Here are some tips on writing […]

Unique and Special Unity Ceremony Ideas

Looking for ways to make your Ceremony your own? Unique and Special Unity Ceremony Ideas represent the ritual of two becoming one. There are traditional ways to add these ceremonies. These touches will make your special moment even more heartfelt. Here are some common and not so common ideas from -Lighting a Unity Candle […]